OpenEyes is the leading open source electronic patient record (EPR) for eye care. David is part of the Committee and Design Authority for this innovative and increasingly popular solution. Institutions that use OpenEyes collaborate to fund new features, which are then available to the entire user-base.
OpenEyes has been selected as the ophthalmic EPR of choice for many NHS Trusts in England and all of Scotland and Wales. The product can efficiently scale from a small eye unit to the needs of a whole country.

User Centred Design

One of the defining aspects of OpenEyes is the user driven design process. The software is written by professionals developers, but designed by group of professional designers and clinicians.

Web Based

OpenEyes web-based, making it both fast and scalable. This platform also allows OpenEyes to run on a wide range of device types, ranging from smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, up to wall mounted screens operating theatres.

Graphical Interface

Influenced by the graphical notation of ophthalmic clinicians, OpenEyes uses a familiar yet powerful innovative interface to capture and display ophthalmic data.